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Top 50 Activities Parents Can Do to Relieve Stress and anxiety

Let's face it, this pandemic hasn't been easy on anyone.


While I feel sympathy for everyone going through a difficult time, my heart goes out to stressed-out moms and dads who in a short time had to adjust to having their children with them 24/7. It’s not like we don’t all love our children (or spouses), but round-the-clock access to anyone is enough to drive anyone crazy. When COVID-19 arrived suddenly parents across the globe were thrust into “summer break” about two months earlier than expected. Now that summer is here, adults everywhere are suddenly are trying to find ways to cope in order to keep their sanity.  

Scrambling to find child-appropriate activities while you kept up with your normal office hours all trying to find a new normal of doing it all, we know that the pressure is on!.


It’s important that you feel guilty! Accept what you cannot change, a crisis can leave many people feeling helpless, it’s alright to understand that everything won’t always be perfect, especially in these times. 


We’ve Got Your Back! 

Here’s a collection of 50 coping tips that will help you keep from losing your mind while surviving at home with the kids this quarantine season.



Yes! Painting takes you to a very peaceful place and is a great way to process your feelings and emotions creatively.


Solve a Puzzle

Download some cool brain teaser apps and put your mind in a different space. Figuring out a good puzzle is a great distraction and fun too! 


Watch Your Favorite Show 

Binge-watch that exciting drama you have been dying to see or replay your favorite comedy sitcoms.


Eat a Piece of Candy, Just Because 

Fuel your sweet tooth! A little chocolate can go a long way for stress relief.


Burn a Candle. 

Create a calming ambiance fueled by relaxing smells such as vanilla or lavender.



Walk, run, or take the bicycle out. Exercise is a great parenting coping tip for releasing feel-good endorphins! Simply, pop in your headphones and jam out to your favorite tunes.



It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite artist (whether anyone can hear you or not!) If you have a karaoke machine; all the better.  


Get Busy in the Garden

Direct your attention to keeping things alive other than your children! Gardening is a parenting coping tip even for those without a green thumb. Always wanted to have a butterfly garden, NABA Butterfly has some amazing tips to get you started. 


Try Yoga/Meditation

When you can sneak away from the kids, yoga, and meditation are known to be excellent forms of stress relief. Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and other apps have tons of great content you can use to get started. 


Learn to Play the Piano

Music is an awesome form of meditation, especially the piano. There are virtual piano teachers that you can hire online or you can teach yourself through apps, online videos, and downloading sheet music. 


Call a Loved One Just Because 

When you’re quarantined it’s easy to feel isolated, reaching out to loved ones is good for the heart and soul.


Take a Power Nap 

Even just closing your eyes for a few minutes can make all the difference.


Set Aside Time with Your Partner

Sneak in sometime after the kids have gone to bed to simply enjoy each other’s company in a more intimate setting. Put it on the calendar; plan a mini quarantine date once a week. 


Take a Bath

Nothing says relaxing like warm water and soothing bubbles.


Try Aromatherapy

Essential oils are amazing for improving your mood. Smells such as lavender and peppermint are calming for the senses. Check out for resources and tips.


Go Outside & Squish Your Toes in the Grass 

While it’s more difficult when quarantined, getting Vitamin D from the sun is an essential activity. Squishing your toes into cool grass can be very satisfying.   


Read a Good Book

Dust off that book you have always wanted to read and lose yourself in a few chapters. You will be surprised how time will fly.  


Journal/Write it Down

If you can’t say, then write! The best way to cope is to let it out through written words.


Start a New Hobby

Teaching yourself a new hobby can take your mind off current stressors. has some amazing activities you can use to take your mind off things. 


No Caffeine for a Day

Caffeine can have negative effects and can trigger stress, reducing it is ideal. Create a water challenge for yourself, set a realistic goal, and see how much water you can drink for the day. 


Look Through Family Albums 

Even as difficult as it is, remember to still appreciate the good moments, and whip out those cute baby pictures that make you melt. 


No News for One Day 

Restrict your news intake! The constant stream of media can add to your stress. When you inadvertently go to scroll through social media or your favorite news network, try going for a walk instead!


Do a Tea Challenge

Just like the water challenge mentioned previously, replace your beverage for the day with tea. Chamomile teas naturally increase serotonin and melatonin levels leaving you feeling rested and relaxed.


Practice Daily Gratitude

Start by thinking of others and how things could be worse. Say to yourself, “I am thankful for ____________________.”This helps you focus on the good versus the stressors. Even if it’s just being grateful that you have food to put on the table!


Download Your Stress-Free Checklist Below! 


Get a Massage

This doesn’t mean you have to leave the house to go to a masseuse, you can teach your partner some of these simple massage tricks instead! Get your kids to step on your back, it’s fun and it feels good (be sure to be careful doing this). 


Listen to Soothing Sounds

Reserve some time before the kids wake up to listen to a track of soothing nature sounds transporting your mind to a calming waterfall or beach paradise. has some amazing sounds you can listen to that are over an hour long. Check out this amazing soother. 


Be Affectionate – Give a Daily Hug Just Because 

Studies show that touch helps to lower blood pressure and encourages feel-good hormone production. Randomly give someone in your household a great big hug, they may look at you strange but it will soon become a great routine. 


Create a Schedule 

Especially for stressed-out working moms, sometimes the most stressful times are when you don’t have a plan! You can download a free template to create a plan of action for the week or the month. 


Schedule a Weekly/Daily Video Call 

Set up video calls with family or schedule virtual playdates for a temporary distraction.


No Phone for a Day Challenge

We know there are endless amounts of cute puppy photos on Facebook, but try to not use your phone for one whole day and give your eyes and your mind a break. Set up an autoresponder or change your voicemail to only answering emergencies today. 


Delegate Duties with a Chore Calendar

No dishwasher is not your title at home. Don’t feel guilty by delegating duties to partners and kids. This will help to reduce the stressful amount of responsibility you may feel. Check out these amazing chore calendars. 


Find New Recipes 

Lower anxiety and stress l by finally cooking that bacon-wrapped meatloaf you’ve always wanted to try. 


Take a Weekly Online Class

Always wanted to learn Photoshop or brush up on your Excel skills? Virtual classes are all the rage; check out Lynda or Udemy to get started.  


Do a Monthly Declutter 

Do spring cleaning once a month. Donate all of the items you know you will never use to charity and wipe down walls with the magic eraser. Sometimes a simple freshening up can help to reduce stress levels.


Do a Fruit and Veggie Challenge

Just like the tea challenge, replace your meals with delicious fruits and veggies packed with vitamins and antioxidants. From juicy apples and oranges to delicious garlicky green beans, eating regular fruit and veggie meals helps to keep your blood levels steady.


Enjoy a Glass of Red Wine 

It has been said that red wine may lower the risk of Heart Disease. Always drink in moderation. 


Follow S.T.O.P.

When your kids are starting to hit your last nerve, S - Stop what you’re doing, T - Take 4 deep breaths, O - Observe your body, and P - Proceed with kindness for others.


See a Virtual Therapist Weekly/Monthly

If you are struggling, virtual therapist calls can help assist with the stress that can’t be dealt with personally. is one of the many resources you can choose from. 


Cuddle with Your Pet Today

It’s hard to be worried about the future when you are snuggled up with a warm and fuzzy face!


Stop and Breathe Deeply

When you’re feeling frustrated, try a breathing routine as a form of meditation.



Enjoy the quiet time before everyone wakes up to admire the stars in the sky.


Laugh Today

Laughter is contagious and increases the release of endorphins. Check out top memes on the internet and laugh the stress away. 


Watch the Sunrise

Grab a blanket and spend some time outside watching the stars light up the sky.


Take a Healthy Supplement 

There are a lot of vitamins/supplements that help reduce stress and anxiety. Valerian Root and Ashwagandha are very popular supplements you can try to keep the peace within your mind body and soul. Be sure to check with a physician before taking any supplements.


Try a Homemade Facemask

Pamper yourself a bit while the kids are sleeping with a relaxing homemade facemask to scrub away your troubles. Check out 7 DIY Face Masks from Marie Claire. 


Watch the Sunset

Simply grab a lawn chair and place it on the lawn, enjoy the soothing colors, and wind down before you go to bed. 



It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re baking a decadent salted caramel cheesecake. Check out this recipe from Live Love and Sugar. 


Host a Weekly/Monthly ‘Parents Only’ Social Gathering

Socializing with only your kids is hard. As long as you’re safe, take some time to spend with just your adult friends while your kids are preoccupied!


Zone Out With Music

In the early morning or evening when everyone’s sleeping, play your favorite playlist, one that makes you feel happy and carefree.


Share these Top 50 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety with a Friend

We’re sure you have friends in need of stress relievers, connect with close friends, and do some of these activities together. 


Want to keep track of all the activities you’re following from the list? Don’t worry, we have set it all out for you in the FREE STRESS-FREE LIST. Don’t forget to download your copy before you go, and start implementing all the stress-free activities we’ve got in store for you – check them off as you go!

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